8.4 Mechthild’s Ministering

(Story begins here) “But with all due respect, what does a medieval mystic have to do with quantum mechanics?” “As the great physicist Richard Feynman said of Schrödinger’s equations. ‘It's not possible to derive it from anything you know. It came out of the mind of Schrödinger.’" “Your point being?” “The most first-hand sources of … Continue reading 8.4 Mechthild’s Ministering

8.2 Surveying Souls

(Story begins here) “Where are we?” shivered Pete. “We’re in like late Georgian Edinburgh, around 1828? I’m going to show you what I mean?” “’scuse me, gentlemen, ye d’nae have a few ha’pennies for an auld soldier?” Pete instinctively started rummaging in his pockets, but Bud held his arm. “He’s like, not talking to us, … Continue reading 8.2 Surveying Souls

7.4 Ravaging Ravana

(Story begins here) “But, why are you showing me this?” asked Pete, perplexed, “it seems thoroughly unpleasant all round.” “Remember Peter,” said Valmiki solemnly, “this is about deeper meaning. What do you know of Sita?” “Well, she represents the soul.” “And Rama, her husband?”“God.”“Good Peter, so Ravana represents…”“Well, he’s from below, trying to drag Sita … Continue reading 7.4 Ravaging Ravana