4.3 Eleusinian Illusions

(Story begins here) “Thank you, Mother” gasped Persephone from within the encirclement. She tapped Demeter’s back as if a wrestler requesting release from an unbreakable hold. The older woman reluctantly complied and stepped back, bringing into view a woman who literally took Pete’s breath away. Tall and slender with long golden hair running the length … Continue reading 4.3 Eleusinian Illusions

4.2 Demeter’s Delight

(Story begins here) “Hello Lisa,” said a male angel with a tender smile. “Why are they doing that with the water?” asked Pete puzzled. “That’s not water,” smiled Lisa, “there are a number of ways to describe it in earthly language, God’s grace, the Tao, love, mercy, the force if you’re a Star Wars fan, … Continue reading 4.2 Demeter’s Delight

3.5 Amalgamating Ananius

(Story begins here) The temple complex rematerialized and so did Mahavira, who spoke. “So you see, Peter, my friend Origen is right. Like everything, spiritual texts have a body a soul and a spirit. The body is a ‘historical’ man senselessly killing his brother, but Origen has started showing you a slightly higher meaning.” “You … Continue reading 3.5 Amalgamating Ananius