3.4 Filial Felony

(Story begins here) The temple complex faded and a field materialised in its place. On the sporadic, sun bleached grass, thin, wizened cattle were plodding aimlessly around. In the distance were hills dotted with olive trees. “Is this?” breathed Pete. “Yes,” smiled Origen. “Now let’s walk a little way.” The warm breeze ruffled Pete’s hair … Continue reading 3.4 Filial Felony

3.2 Tirthankara Teachings

(Story begins here) Now, remember that you see souls in the environment where they made their most impact?” “Yes” “Well, the word tirthankara means ford-maker.” “Mahavira made cars?” said Pete doubtfully. Lisa successfully stifled a giggle. “No Pete, a ford as in a way to cross water. In his case, the most terrifying and stormy … Continue reading 3.2 Tirthankara Teachings

3.1 Surveying Sallekhana

“Ah,um, good morning Lisa,” said Pete awkwardly, the modest majesty of the angel before him always made him feel slightly awkward. Lisa giggled. “And a very ah, um, good morning to you too Pete,” she said in gentle, affectionate mockery. “When you’ve finished?” she added as the young man stood before her in the lecture … Continue reading 3.1 Surveying Sallekhana