6.2 Involuntary Involution

(Story starts here) “Welcome Peter.” Baba’s hand moved across the board at just the right speed to be comprehendible yet not waste time. “Thank you Meher Baba,” said Pete humbly. “Do you know why I brought you here?” “To learn more about reincarnation?”“That is good, Peter. But you also must learn about involution.” “Sorry, I may have misread that. … Continue reading 6.2 Involuntary Involution

6.1 Vindicating Vishnu

The tip-up chair in the lecture theatre creaked as Pete sat back heavily in it. “So, how come all the great prophets were from ancient times? You never really hear about modern-day prophets?” said Pete. The light emanating from Lisa’s every pour grew slightly brighter as the angel turned with interest to face her companion. … Continue reading 6.1 Vindicating Vishnu

5.5 Initiating Individuation

(Story begins here) “So if archetypes exist across all cultures, but aren’t consciously seen…”“I call them the collective unconscious, what you might call the superconscious.” “Because they’re above consciousness? The opposite of subconscious?” “Precisely, well done Herr Goodshaw, and the way to achieve a healthy mind is to unite all opposites. Our friend here,” Jung … Continue reading 5.5 Initiating Individuation

5.4 Subconscious Searching

(Story begins here) A severe looking man with a shaven head, wireframe glasses and an immaculate three-piece brown suit was coming down the stairs. “Hello Fraulein!” he said cheerfully, kissing Mary enthusiastically on both cheeks. “Carl! So good to see you.” “You too Fraulein,” the newcomer turned to beam at Pete, “you must be Herr … Continue reading 5.4 Subconscious Searching

5.3 Alchemical Analysis

(Story begins here) Pete settled down on the edge of his seat in excitement. Mary bustled about with her equipment, carefully measuring powders and fluids and adding them to a large earthenware pot. Eventually, after running through a checklist on a papyrus scroll, she lit the stove underneath with a long spur and stood back. … Continue reading 5.3 Alchemical Analysis