6.5 Interpreting Inter-life

(Story begins here)“Souls are androgynous? But I thought divine female and male were fundamental concepts running through creation at all levels?” Pherecydes considered this impressive question. “Well, to be more precise, during their phase of samsara where they incarnate as physical sexual organisms, souls experience being male and female an approximately equal number of times, so they have male and female … Continue reading 6.5 Interpreting Inter-life

6.4 Clothing Chthonie

(Story begins here) Wild eyed and clad in dirty white robes and sporting a matted beard and a flowing, salt encrusted hairstyle, Pherecydes would not be presumed to be one of the all-time intellectual greats. “Sadly, these people died several millennia before Peter’s time,” signed Baba, now holding a second board with ancient Greek characters on it.” Unseeing, … Continue reading 6.4 Clothing Chthonie

6.3 Sustaining Satgurus

(Story begins here) “Congratulations Peter, you are now an angel,” said Baba, “involution and evolution have parted company, you no longer need a physical form. Rather like a lunar rocket jettisoning its fuel tanks once away from Earth’s gravitational pull, your consciousness has blossomed to the point that it can liberate itself from the burden of collected impressions. … Continue reading 6.3 Sustaining Satgurus