5.2 Baptismal Boiling

(Story begins here) “Um, hi there,” said Pete awkwardly. The woman placed her hands on her hips in mock disapproval at Pete’s stilted response, before bounding over and kissing the young man vigorously on both cheeks. “No need to be awkward around me, Bubbeleh. I don’t bite,” she glanced over at Pete who was tapping … Continue reading 5.2 Baptismal Boiling

5.1 Transplant Tragedies

“Shall I show it to you?” Lisa asked, raising a shapely eyebrow. “It’s… it’s so beautiful,” breathed Pete. “Why thank you Pete, you know how to flatter a girl.” “Can I… touch it?” “No Pete, it’s looksies not feelsies.” “Fair enough,” said Pete, “I just want to look at it a bit more before you … Continue reading 5.1 Transplant Tragedies

4.5 Myterious Motherhood

(Story begins here) “Um, hello there,” said Pete when his face was once more his own and the smell of stale aftershave had dissipated, “so you’re a kabbalist?” “Yes Alunno," replied Benamozegh, "the reason that I am here is that I see kabbalah not as a rival to other viewpoints, but as the very foundation … Continue reading 4.5 Myterious Motherhood

4.4 Transcending Trauma

(Story begins here) “Nothing can grow without rain, darling.” Demeter added, “although it seems that Zeus gives me a lot less rain than he used to,” she concluded sadly. “Thank you Mother,” said Persephone brightly. “Maybe there are too many women that inspire his rain storms…” “Thank you Mother,” said Persephone through slightly gritted teeth. … Continue reading 4.4 Transcending Trauma