5.4 Subconscious Searching

(Story begins here) A severe looking man with a shaven head, wireframe glasses and an immaculate three-piece brown suit was coming down the stairs. “Hello Fraulein!” he said cheerfully, kissing Mary enthusiastically on both cheeks. “Carl! So good to see you.” “You too Fraulein,” the newcomer turned to beam at Pete, “you must be Herr … Continue reading 5.4 Subconscious Searching

5.3 Alchemical Analysis

(Story begins here) Pete settled down on the edge of his seat in excitement. Mary bustled about with her equipment, carefully measuring powders and fluids and adding them to a large earthenware pot. Eventually, after running through a checklist on a papyrus scroll, she lit the stove underneath with a long spur and stood back. … Continue reading 5.3 Alchemical Analysis

5.2 Baptismal Boiling

(Story begins here) “Um, hi there,” said Pete awkwardly. The woman placed her hands on her hips in mock disapproval at Pete’s stilted response, before bounding over and kissing the young man vigorously on both cheeks. “No need to be awkward around me, Bubbeleh. I don’t bite,” she glanced over at Pete who was tapping … Continue reading 5.2 Baptismal Boiling