2.3 Ending Eden

(Story begins here) “Anyway, yes the Garden of Eden,” said Augustine, remembering himself. “Not a literal garden with trees, flowers, that kind of malarkey. Eden is the state of everyone having perfect love for each other.” Pete’s jaw dropped slightly. “I know, I know, you weren’t expecting some silly old duffer like me to come … Continue reading 2.3 Ending Eden

2.2 Taoist Talks

(Story begins here) “Oh, er, hello,” managed Pete. “It’s beautiful here.” He continued feeling he should contribute more to the conversation.Laozi gazed past Pete at the spectacular sunset, casting beautiful colours across the smooth rock faces. “It is Huangshan mountain, honourable Pete. A favourite place of mine when I was Laozi.” To Pete’s ear, the … Continue reading 2.2 Taoist Talks

2.1 Latent Luminance

“Well… hello there Pete” Lisa’s husky voice could have sounded almost flirtatious but to those attuned to such things, her playfulness was ripples on a great oceanic swell of pure love which radiated from the angel’s very being. Pete pulled down a seat in the lecture theatre and sat down heavily. “Oh, hi Lisa.” Despite … Continue reading 2.1 Latent Luminance