1.3 Hypatia’s Hijinks

(Story begins here) “Pete, I would like you to meet my good friend Hypatia. She heard that you’d be dropping in and wanted to meet you.” Both Mani and Hypatia turned to look at the rather flummoxed Pete, sharing the indulgent smiles a family gives to a new puppy, not fully house trained. “Um, is … Continue reading 1.3 Hypatia’s Hijinks

1.2 Mani Manifested

(Story begins here) Pete closed his eyes and felt the now familiar feeling of accelerating whilst not really moving and being able to see whilst not opening his eyes. A great heat was the first sensation, but a heat that purified instead of scorched. Pete squinted at a ball of light burning furiously against a … Continue reading 1.2 Mani Manifested