6.3 Sustaining Satgurus

(Story begins here) “Congratulations Peter, you are now an angel,” said Baba, “involution and evolution have parted company, you no longer need a physical form. Rather like a lunar rocket jettisoning its fuel tanks once away from Earth’s gravitational pull, your consciousness has blossomed to the point that it can liberate itself from the burden of collected impressions. … Continue reading 6.3 Sustaining Satgurus

6.1 Vindicating Vishnu

The tip-up chair in the lecture theatre creaked as Pete sat back heavily in it. “So, how come all the great prophets were from ancient times? You never really hear about modern-day prophets?” said Pete. The light emanating from Lisa’s every pour grew slightly brighter as the angel turned with interest to face her companion. … Continue reading 6.1 Vindicating Vishnu